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Swan & Heron stages

These stages will operate alternately so you will be able to see all of every band if you wish.

Both stages, and the bar, are housed within one marquee to protect you from the weather.

Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown will be bringing their psychedelic showcase of theatrical rock from the master and pioneer of this and other genres. The show includes classics from his back catalogue and material from the highly acclaimed new album “Long Long Road”. A woven tapestry of music, sonics, lights, theatre and costume. A journey into creativity, sound and colour…. A timeless adventure into the heart of psychedelia from the God of Hellfire and his company of crazy creators!


Lifesigns was the brainchild of vocalist and keyboard player John Young (Asia, Strawbs, Bonnie Tyler), Frosty Beedle (drums), Steve Rispin (sound) and Nick Beggs (bass/vocals). Their eponymous first album sold well and included many special guests. Jon Poole (Wildhearts, Cardiacs) replaced Nick Beggs and a new album 'Cardington' was released with Niko Tsonev on guitar, subsequently replaced by Dave Bainbridge (Strawbs, Iona) on guitar and second keyboards. Frosty left in 2020 and the arrival of Zoltán Csörsz on drums, produced the current album 'Altitude'

Quo Connection

In answer to overwhelming support, former members of John Coghlan’s Quo Mick Hughes, Rick Chase, Pete Mace and Russ Chadd have reformed under the name of Quo Connection in order to begin the next chapter carrying on the legacy of Status Quo and John Coghlan. They'll bring you the sound of the Frantic Four with a genuine Quo connection! The guys are looking forward to seeing you all at the Nene Valley Rock Festival!

Square Wild

Winners of Prog magazine's 2023 award for best unsigned band, Square Wild are confusing audiences around the land by playing thoughtful, original music that keeps going to places you don't expect! You'll find inspirational lyrics mixed with tales of fantasy, hook-laden rock anthems that might veer into ska or samba, inventive drumming reminiscent of some of the greats, mesmerising guitar, the odd bass solo and then there's Lucy's vocals and stage presence. Most likely thing you'll hear from the crowd? "Wow, wasn't expecting that!"


We're old school. We were old school when it was new school, and just haven't moved on. In fact it's probably about time we went back to school to see what it's all about. Founding member, lead singer, and guitarist in the band, Baz formed Predatur as a teenager with a group of friends back in '76. The current line up returns the band to its roots, with frantic rock, boogie bursting at the seams, and enough blue notes for any tortured soul.

4th Labyrinth

4th Labyrinth are an award winning band from Cambridge with a classic approach to rock music, drawing influences from the most colourful period of rock music - the 1970's. 2016 marked the year of their highly acclaimed debut album "Quattro Stagioni". Two years later brought us their second album "Better". With a highly versatile sound ranging from heavy guitar riffs to heartfelt ballads and progressive rock monsters, 4th Labyrinth simply delivers.

Blues Boy Kings

Sensational original blues rock band with exciting original songs from three albums!
Featuring singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist - Jason North; bass/vocals provided by extraordinary force of nature - Sammy J North; solid rhythm guitar/organ/ vocals from original BBK family member - Rich Taylor and finally a UK blues great, who needs no introduction, the shuffle king himself - Mark Barrett on drums. Don't miss this awesome true blues band!


Formed in 2017 by vocalist Philip Stuckey and guitarist Adrian Fisher, Stuckfish is a highly acclaimed melodic prog-rock band from the north east of England. Following on from the critical success of albums Calling (2018) and The Watcher (2019), the epic, storytelling brand of music continued with Days of Innocence, which appeared in numerous ‘Best of 2022’ polls. The band features the talents of Adam Sayers on drums, Phil Morey on bass and Gary Holland on keys.


Treebeard have been a popular attraction on the pub, festival & beer festival circuit for many years now, with regular appearances up and down the UK. The band play lively Celtic folk-rock; traditional, contemporary & original songs & tunes that they call​ 'Heavy Wood', releasing a first CD of that name in 2002, a second CD 'Reel Ale’ in 2010 and the latest CD 'New Leaves' in 2017. The band line-up has always been flexible, but will feature Haze members Danny McMahon (drums), Chris McMahon (guitar, bouzouki & vocals), Paul McMahon (guitar, bass & vocals) and Catrin Ashton (fiddle, flute & vocals)

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