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NVRF Green T shirts

Problem with printing

Unfortunately we have discovered a fault with the green T shirts sold at the festival at Nene Park. In some cases the beige ink is flaking off of the front and occasionally will take other ink with it. If you've washed yours a few times (in some cases just once or twice) you may have noticed it is "roughing up" or that there are flecks elsewhere on the shirt.

We have raised this with our supplier and returned some shirts to them; both new and worn. Both our supplier and another printer have done tests and been able to confirm a freak problem with the ink, causing it not to adhere correctly to the shirt and other overprinted colours not to adhere to it. The ink has been returned to the manufacturer. That, of course, is not your problem but we thought we should explain what happened as we all have screen printed T shirts that have lasted 40+ years! 

Claim a free replacement

Our supplier has immediately accepted that the fault is his to fix, and in this day and age we applaud him for doing so. Replacement shirts are now being printed and will be posted out to you. To claim your replacement, please provide your name, full address and postcode, and your T shirt size using the form below by the end of November. Please be aware that these details will go to the printer who will send your T shirt directly to you. So that we can keep track of those claimed and those not yet claimed, it would help us if you could provide just the last 4 digits of the card number used for the purchase (we don't need the full number) but you don't have to do this. Any claims received after the end of November deadline and approved by us will be subject to a £3.50 P&P charge.

If you ordered your green T shirt in advance or after the festival (i.e. through the website) we already have these details so you don't need to claim - they'll automatically be sent out as soon as they are ready.

We know a few people bought more than one at the festival - if you did then please submit a claim for each.


Note: only the front of the green T shirts are affected. The orange Founders shirts and yellow stewards/staff shirts are all fine, as is the back of the green ones.

In line with Government requirements we have to inform you of our GDPR policy. Essentially, in completing this form you are consenting to us storing the personal information you provide us with, so that we can use it in connection with the operation of the festival, in this case providing it to the printer. Of course legally there's loads more to it and you can wade through it using this link, but in a nutshell that's what it says! You can find our privacy policy here:- NVRF Privacy Notice


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