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Band Application

How to apply to NVRF

If you are in a band, manage or represent one, or are simply a fan who would like to suggest one, first please read and take note of all of this and complete the form at the end.


In just our first year we received numerous requests from bands who would like to play at our new festival. Even after the festival was fully booked there were enough left over to fill every slot again, and many more we would love to have picked ourselves!


Please be aware that we will store this information for use with running the festival. In accordance with Government rules, here is our GDPR Privacy Notice if you wish to read it! 

The music at NVRF

Firstly, please check that you understand what our festival is all about. We are a classic rock, progressive rock and blues festival, with a bit of folk too. We are not a metal, covers or tribute festival! Due to the number of inappropriate applications we have received (feels like spam), we will only reply to those bands that are at least relevant to us. You could start by looking at the bands we booked for our first festival in 2023. 

Our costs

NVRF costs us a small fortune to put on, so every festival slot, in effect, has an associated cost to us - it works out at about £1,500 each by the time we have provided the venue, PA, lighting, marquees, stages, security, power supply and fuel, toilets, bar equipment etc and paid for licences and publicity and other costs necessary to make the festival possible. And that excludes what we pay to bands in fees and expenses! But unlike other festivals you might know, we don't get financial support from Councils, Government, music magazines, band fan clubs etc - we rely upon ticket sales and bar income, so we need to be sure that the bands we choose really will bring in enough people to cover our costs. Not only that, NVRF is run not-for-profit - none of our directors (the people who work all year round putting it all together) take a penny in wages, salaries or even expenses, in fact it's the opposite, they lend their savings to make it all possible.

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