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About Your Band

How to apply or provide information to NVRF

If you are in a band, manage or represent one, or are simply a fan who would like to suggest one, first please read and take note of all of this and complete the form at the end. In particular, please provide what we ask for, not necessarily what you feel like giving us, and don't just point us at an EPK - often they don't have what we want. If you really want us to listen to you, send us a CD - don't just point us at something online. We mostly listen to bands in the car, and a CD is likely to get a few plays. The address is "NVRF Band Applications, 8 Slaithwaite Gate, Huddersfield, HD7 4NS".


In just our first year we received numerous requests from bands who would like to play at our new festival. Even after the festival was fully booked there have been enough left over to fill every slot again, and many more we would love to have picked ourselves!

Please note that we do not need any more applications for 2024 - all available slots are filled.


We also already have enough applications to fill the next two years!


If you want to be considered for the future the best thing you can do is to get noticed by us, by supporting us. Book tickets yourselves, wear your band T shirts and bring a load of your fans with you. If we see lots of the same T shirts at NVRF, we are going to take notice! You'll spot the NVRF Directors around (the stewards will point us out too!) so come and talk to us. Don't expect us to support you if you don't support us....

The music at NVRF

Next, please check that you understand what our festival is all about. We are a classic rock, progressive rock and blues festival, with a bit of folk too. We are not a metal, covers or tribute festival! Due to the number of inappropriate applications we have received (feels like spam), we will only reply to those bands that are at least relevant to us. You could start by looking at the bands we booked for our first festival in 2023 - you'll find videos the the festival on this website. 

Our costs

NVRF costs us a small fortune to put on, so every festival slot, in effect, has an associated cost to us - putting just your band on will cost us about £1,500 by the time we have provided the venue, PA, lighting, marquees, stages, security, power supply and fuel, toilets, bar equipment etc and paid for licences and publicity and other costs necessary to make the festival possible. That excludes anything you request in fees and expenses! Will the ticket sales you generate cover those costs? Really? Will your fans that will happily pop down to your local venue come to Grimsthorpe Castle for a festival to see you?

Unlike some other festivals you might know, we don't get financial support from Councils, Government, music magazines, band fan clubs etc - we rely upon ticket sales and bar income, so we need to be sure that the bands we choose really will bring in enough people to cover our costs. In total they'll be well into six figures.


NVRF is run "not-for-profit" - none of our directors (the people who work all year round putting it all together) take a penny in wages, salaries or even expenses, in fact it's the opposite, the directors lend their savings to make it all possible. NVRF is run by music fans for fans and bands. Don't expect it to be a revenue stream for other people when it's a high-risk, zero income event for those running it!

Privacy and GDPR

Please be aware that we will store this information for use with running the festival. In accordance with Government rules, here is our GDPR Privacy Notice if you wish to read it! 

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