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In line with Government requirements we have to inform you of our GDPR policy. Essentially, you need to consent to us storing the personal information you provide us with, so that we can use it in connection with the operation of the festival. Of course legally there's loads more to it and you can wade through it using this link, but in a nutshell that's what it says! You can find our privacy policy here:- NVRF Privacy Notice


NVRF is constituted as a business but is run on not-for-profit lines. None of the Directors, or anyone else helping our core team, is paid any wages or salary and we don't even pay our expenses. Everything stays within the festival. There is no intention to make money for ourselves; if there is a profit then it will help to get the next year started!


But to cover the costs of the festival infrastructure (PA, lights, stages, marquees, site, licences, power supplies, security, toilets, fencing, etc) we have to keep our costs as low as possible. If you would like to help make this festival happen, join us as a volunteer. We need people to help run the bar, for general stewarding and other duties. If you have any particular skills or qualifications then that is good to know. In addition to helping at the festival, we also need help to prepare the site and remove everything afterwards so if you can help with that, please tell us.


In return we will provide you with free entry for the days you work plus some beer tokens and other forms of hospitality, plus free on-site camping. We ask volunteers to cover one shift per day (typically 4 or 4½ hours) over a minimum of 2 days.

Please complete the form below and click the button to send it to us. You should get an acknowledgement immediately, and we'll get back to you later with more details.

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