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Where is Nene Park? What is Ferry Meadows?

Nene park is a country park managed by the Nene Park Trust, on the western edge of Peterborough, between the city centre and the A1. It is easily accessible by road and Nene Park is signposted from most directions. Click here for detailed directions by road.


There is a train service timetabled to frequently served Peterborough from most directions. There are regular buses to the Park, though the last bands will finish after the last bus service.

Ferry Meadows is the best known part of the full Nene Park site and is accessed from Ham Lane. It includes a Visitor Centre, cafe and shops right by the main park park. There are activities for children, a miniature railway and further inside the park is a boating and sailing centre next to a restaurant that overlooks the lake.

Our event is in Horse Meadow. This self-contained field will be used both for the music and campsite. It is a short walk from all of the above amenities should you wish to use them

What are our policies for disabled people?

Anyone with special needs should contact us via email - click here

There is day parking for blue badge holders within the park, and a special area for those with mobility issues within the campsite. Our stewards can provide help as needed, assistance dogs are allowed and we operate a 'carers-go-free' policy. There are further details on all of these points and more in our Disabled Policy - click here.  

What are the festival's opening hours?

​The Music Arena opens at 5pm on Thursday 31st August 2023 and ends at 11pm on Sunday 3rd September 2023.  Our two Extravaganzas (Rock & Prog) run from 5.30pm until 11pm on Thursday, and we operate from 11am to 11pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Stage times will be made available nearer the start of the festival.  Our 'Music Arena' within Horse Meadow, and our bar open about half an hour before the acts start.  The Campsite and parking areas open from 11am on Thursday and close at 10am on Monday.

What are the Camp Site rules?

In general it comes down to common sense and good manners, but there are some specific do's and dont's - for the Camp site rules - click here.

Will there be toilets on site?

To be honest we're surprised anyone asked this - yes, of course, there have to be, both in the music arena and the camp site. But it give us another chance to say not just those horrible blue cubicles; we've invested in "luxury loos" - the sort you get at weddings. That's what we'd want so it's what we're providing everyone else too!

Are there showers?

Again yes, and not the sort most festivals offer where there's minimal water pressure. We will have use of the showers within the water sports centre, just a short walk away from the camp site.


NVRF will be dog-friendly and all dogs must be on a lead and under control and well behaved at all times. They will only be allowed inside the marquees that house our stages if they are kept at least 10m from the speaker stacks. You must clean up after them. Any instructions from our stewards regarding dogs should be followed without argument in the first instance. If you disagree then please do as they say first and then ask them to refer it to our managers.


No items made of glass, or that predominantly contain glass, may be brought into the campsite or music arena. Obviously you can bring spectacles, mobile phones and cameras, but anything that might break and cause injury is totally prohibited by Nene Park.

Can we bring camping chairs and where can we sit?

Yes! We know that some of our likely supporters won't want to stand for four days so we're making it as easy as we can. You can bring fold-up chairs and put them on the grass outside the marquees pretty much anywhere - unless it's blocking an access/escape route. You can leave them too if you wish but at your risk - we accept no responsibility for them. Additionally there will be designated areas to put them inside the marquees - but you may not leave them unattended for any significant length of time. Going to the bar, toilet etc is fine but space is limited - you can't just grab a space and claim it. Our professional security people will be monitoring the areas and will remove seats that are left - it's the only fair way to operate, as we're sure you will agree. We also hope that everyone will be reasonable and give preference to those less able to stand. Finally, there may need to be a curfew towards the end each day - for example if the headliners are really popular (which of course is the plan!) and people can't get into the marquees, we may need to ask that chairs are removed for that set - but we'll monitor the situation and take decisions at the time. We think that's the fairest way for everyone.

Our policy on cameras

​You may use cameras within the general arena as long as this is without any detriment to those who are there to enjoy the event - this includes the use of mobile phones and tablets. We reserve the right to ask people to desist if their use is unreasonable and consistently blocking the view of other people. Basically - if you're sensible then all will be fine! We do have official photographers who can supply magazines, websites etc in relation to reviews of the event so contact us if you need those. We will heavily restrict photo passes and only offer them to those who are helping with our festival. Use of video cameras will only be possible with advance approval from us.

Will I have to choose between bands?

Unlike many other festivals, we have taken active steps to minimise clashes by providing two alternating stages (Swan and Heron) within one large marquee, where most of the better known bands will play, so you will not have to choose between them. This means each of these band will have at least one hour to play, with just ten minutes between sets, so we can give you as much music as possible. However, our smaller marquee will offer a contrasting musical style (genre) so there will always be a choice on our third stage (Kingfisher)! But smaller doesn't mean less - it will still have a broadly similar PA and lighting system, but there will be longer gaps between steps.

What will our bar offer?

The bar will be run by us and offer a good range of real-ale, but also lager, cider, wine and some spirits. The intention is to operate using a 'token' system - you will buy a number of our unique tokens from our outlets at the festival and exchange them for your drinks. This will reduce queue times at the bar handling either cash or card payments.

Can we park by our tents?

Yes, it is our intention to allow you to park by your tent. However, the UK weather is unpredictable and we have seen first hand what can happen in extreme conditions. Therefore we reserve the right to implement contingency plans at short or no notice, if necessary to protect the campsite and more importantly your safety. To put it simply, you won’t want to get stuck in a mud bath and we don’t want that either!

Will NVRF be cashless?

It is our intention to operate our bar and other outlets on a cashless basis as far as we can. You will be able to buy our tokens at a few locations on site. However, food and other traders will use cash or card payments.

Where can we stay?

We have our own dedicated camp site at Nene Park, but the Park also has some bell tents for hire and there is a Caravan Club operated site also within the park that you can book direct with them. There are also a number of hotels and motels very close to Nene Park (one right on the boundary) and Peterborough city centre is only a few miles away, and is served by local buses.

Can we have BBQs?

BBQs and open fires are not permitted in the campsite or the music arena for a variety of reasons including the risk of fire. However Nene Park does have designated locations elsewhere where you can have a BBQ if you wish. At all times you must follow their rules.

I live nearby. Should I be concerned?

The festival is being run by a team with many years experience of similar events between them. The festival must have a licence, issued by the Council, and must follow the conditions laid down within the licence - this includes volume levels which will be strictly monitored by an independent consultant approved by the Council. Concerns were expressed by local residents about the use of Lynch Farm for the campsite, and after consultation with the Nene Park Trust it has been relocated to Horse Meadow, further from housing and close to the music arena. You can view a detailed set of answers to all of the points raised by local residents in further set of Local FAQS here.

How is the festival run?

The festival is run by NVRF Ltd, who have three directors (Andrew, Tony and Trevor) and a handful of other key people who are putting everything together all through the year. For the directors it almost amounts to a full-time job, on top of anything else they might choose to do. However, none of those involved are taking any pay at all and everyone is covering their own expenses. Every penny goes towards the festival. When the event takes place they will be supported by a team of volunteers, although professional security, sound, lighting etc will be used, as you would expect.

What is the background of the organisers?

Everyone has been involved in key roles at other festivals in the past, in most cases over many years. Now the team has come together to bring something special to Nene Park. 


Andrew is COO of a leading Intellectual Property firm having started in the aerospace industry. He's a qualified Chartered Engineer and Management Accountant. He has a detailed understanding of the operational aspects of running a festival, including finance, licensing, risk management etc.


Tony is now "retired" (though you wouldn't notice it!) and spent 30 years as RAF aircrew and was an instructor on the E-3 AWACS. He left to become Principal Consultant for an engineering company, specialising is communications and radar and is a fully trained Project Manager. He's been going to gigs since 1971 and also runs a small village festival - all great experience for NVRF.


Trevor worked for British Rail's IT department since leaving school (when it took two rooms to house less computing power than the average phone these days!). A mainframe system programmer, designer, manager etc, he oversaw the Y2k programme for all of the railway's software as the Programme Manager. He was also a Councillor for 12 years and has an extensive background in involvement with music and bands.

How can I apply to play at NVRF?

The line-up for the 2023 NVRF is complete and we already have numerous bands wishing to play! Thanks to everyone for their interest. For the future, first we need to get through this year, so the best thing you can do is to buy tickets, tell your friends and supporters, come along wearing your T shirts and be seen by us; track us down and talk to us too! There is then a band application process linked to our website here: Band Application - just fill it in and make sure you read all the notes first and do as they say!

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