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Bands and Guests

Please complete all the mandatory fields and as much of the additional information as you can. Notes are provided for most of the fields. We will use this to ensure you and your vehicles have access to the site and you and your guests have the correct wristbands to give you access where you need it. It will also determine who gets free beer tokens - as good a reason as any to fill it in!

Each band member may bring one guest who will have backstage access with you but not access to the stage unless they are also part of your technical crew.


When you have completed the form, click the button at the end and you will see a message to say that it has been successfully sent to the NVRF. A copy of the completed form will be sent to the email address you give us.


Please be aware that we will store this information for use with running the festival. In accordance with Government rules, here is our GDPR Privacy Notice if you wish to read it! 

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