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Swan & Heron stages

These stages will operate alternately so you will be able to see all of every band if you wish.

Both stages, and the bar, are housed within one marquee to protect you from the weather.

Ten Years After

Ten Years After will not stand still even in their 53rd year of existence. Following their legendary Woodstock performance in 1969, the pioneers of the British Blues Invasion went on to gain international fame, playing some the world’s largest venues. Now in their current incarnation, they are promoting their latest live recording, entitled "Naturally Live" with

founder members Chick Churchill (keyboards) and Ric Lee (drums), youngster Marcus Bonfanti (vocals and guitar) and bass master Colin Hodgkinson playing the classics 'Love Like A Man', 'One Of These Days', 'Choo Choo Mama' and so much more..

Curved Air

Curved Air is a unique band, synthesizing an eclectic blend of musical styles into an instantly identifiable sound. Their hits include "It Happened Today", "Vivaldi", "Marie Antoinette" and "Backstreet Luv". Founder member vocalist Sonja Kristina now leads a skilled and talented new line-up, bringing their unique music to an existing and new fanbase in the 21st Century. They continue to thrill a steadily increasing mass of new and old fans worldwide with their experimental blends of classical themes, electronic sounds and pop/rock energy and beautiful, timeless songs are performed with fire and passion and tremendous musicianship.

Corky Laing's Mountain

Corky Laing is a legendary powerhouse drummer, songwriter, singer, and raconteur. He is best known as the drummer of the bands Mountain (1969-) and West, Bruce & Laing (1972-74). Over his 50+ years career, he has written, recorded, and performed with the who-is-who of rock. Since 2015, Corky has been touring the world with Corky Laing’s Mountain, a band that celebrates Mountain’s musical legacy with passion and authenticity.

Space Elevator

Space Elevator was formed by guitarist David Young and flamboyant lead singer The Duchess. The line up is completed by Brian Greene (drums), Chas Maguire (bass) and Michael Bramwell ( Keyboards). With three albums to date, the band have produced a contemporary rock sound that draws on the influences of the best and biggest artists in rock history whilst creating something uniquely identifiable. Live is where the band really feels at home, with the soaring vocals of the Duchess performed over powerful songs laden with musical motifs and hooks

Spriggan Mist

HRH Prog XI, kicked doors wide open to mainstream festivals such as Weyfest and Cambridge Rock Festival for The Spriggs. Their version of Prog is diverse , blending overdriven guitars with instruments such as saxophone, recorders and whistles - a perfect backdrop for charismatic vocalist Fay Brotherhood to tell stories in that unique singing voice, together with Jadoo Tribal Dance and Sword wielding tribal belly dance troupe.


Despite their reputation as a progressive rock band, Haze have always included a wide variety of influences, from pop, rock, folk & metal. They established their reputation as one of the hardest working underground bands of the ‘80s and continue to perform regularly, including weekly live-streams during Lockdown. Their latest studio album, Back to the Bones, is their fastest-selling album to date, proving that Haze’s legendary reputation is richly deserved.


With a melting pot of influences that flowed and evolved into modern prog rock... a sound forged during years of touring in various line-ups and expressed through top-notch musicianship... Ebb are a genre-defying group of five women and one guy with a mission to 'Bring Prog to the People!'.
Not to be missed live, Ebb are an emotional gig experience that will lift you out of your daily life and blast you into the stratosphere.

Eyes Of Albion

The sound has impressive echoes of the rock style that startled a generation, with a modern take, that simply takes you on a journey with it.
The Eyes of Albion formed in 2018 when Guitarist and Sound Engineer Robert Kemp had a vision/concept of putting together a band that was just a little bit different from the norm, drawing inspiration from many different styles from The Blues, 60’s 70’s hard Rock, all the way through to Indian modal playing

White Heat

Peterborough based White Heat are known for their eclectic blend of high octane, raw and raucous Classic British Rock. Having previously supported the likes of Moody Marsden and Bernie Tormé, White Heat's songs have appeared internationally on the front cover CD of the iconic Classic Rock magazine, as well as on a variety of Classic Rock compilations. Tracks from their new rock album Perfect Storm can be heard on national and international rock and commercial radio stations

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