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Kingfisher stage

This stage will usually offer a clear contrast to the bands in our other marquee.

Papa Shango

Self described as a circus rock act with mayhem and madness guaranteed to leave jaws dropped, Papa Shango mix all the elements to give the audience something very, very different! Once described by Herts Live as "Highly skilled musicians with fine song writing nous, they’re nothing like anything you’ve seen or heard before”, the NME (no less) countered with “The internet killed live music… Papa Shango are saving it”!

John Hackett Band

John Hackett has been a much-loved figure in the progressive rock scene since the mid-70’s; best-known for his flute work with his brother, former Genesis guitarist, Steve Hackett on albums such as Voyage of The Acolyte and Please Don’t Touch. ‘Progressive’ music in our sense of the word is based on rock-solid song-writing coupled with hot jazz drumming, melodic, funky bass, outstanding guitar in the form of Nick Fletcher, and John himself – whose flute playing travels with such ease between classical and rock. They will be joined by special guest Amy Birks!

Austin Gold

All the way from.... Peterborough! Austin Gold's debut album “Before Dark Clouds” showcases ten original songs blended in a melting pot of influences to come together as something that is really very special – think Bad Company meets Foo Fighters with hints of Pink Floyd. From heavy guitar riffs, to the most delicate heart-felt ballads, from atmospheric sonic landscapes, to hook-driven melodies. The band, of David James Smith (vocals & guitar), Lee Churchill (bass), Adam Leon (keyboards) and James Pepper (drums), have been building a reputation as one of the best live acts around.

Also Eden

Also Eden have performed across the UK and Europe on the same bills as Steve Hackett, Riverside and Pendragon and have developed an enviable reputation as a live band. The band will showcase material from their forthcoming new album, ‘Open Skies’, due for release in the second half of 2023, as well as songs from their first two highly regarded albums, 'About Time' and 'It's Kind Of You To Ask'.

The Paradox Twin

The Paradox Twin was formed by singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboard player, Danny Sorrell. They impressed producer and musician extraordinaire John Mitchell and together with Chris Hillman they were signed to White Star Records. The album, which was well received, featured John and vocalist Kim Seviour on the track ‘Moonblood’. A video of the first single from the album, ‘Planeta’, gained a nomination at the prestigious Progressive Music Awards even before the album had been released and the band were nominated again in the best new artist’s category.

The Blue Lena

Imagine if Free was a southern rock band and Stevie Nicks was singing harmonies for them. Imagine if Bruce Springsteen was British and had written those infectious songs of life, loving and loss in small town England. Now imagine these songs being performed by an exciting 6 piece rock band, all soulful vocals, bluesy guitars, Hammond organ, southern harmonies and rock’n’roll grooves. Welcome to The Blue Lena.

Kinky Wizzards

Kinky Wizzards are one of the most audacious, exciting and fun instrumental jazz rock bands to have stepped into the music scene. The Welsh trio, based in Cardiff, comprise of bassist Mathew ‘Miffy’ Griffiths, drummer Jonathan ‘Jiffy’ Griffiths and guitarist Ryan Elliott, and offer an unforgettable pyrotechnical display of musical wizardry where you can expect anything from flying drum sticks to slapped bass to exciting guitar solos, all packaged in ludicrous song titles such as ‘Door Dancing Penny Collector’ and ‘Stomp Foot Syndrome’.


A recent review in Blues Matters said "With two albums, one band and and twenty-two cracking bits of music, it doesn't get much better than this. This is solid, no-frills blues/rock". With gigs around the UK clubs and festivals like HRH Blues, Skegness, Lincoln,  The 100 Club, Upton Blues Festival, and Looe, they have supported some great name acts. Thr3e are bluesy, rocky, hard hitting and have fun playing.

The Gift

The Gift were described by Anthony Phillips as ‘one of the most exciting bands on the current scene’. They fuse the melody and grandeur of the likes of early Genesis and Camel with a fierce hard rock attack. Onstage The Gift really delivers, with a powerful, theatrical performance that lingers in the memory long after the last notes have faded.


A great blend of musicians driven by hard hitting original songs and powerful vocals produced by London born, lead singer Romy Gensale. Now based locally, Romy is a long-standing musician, playing both both solo and in various bands since the 1980’s, including all female band ‘Drunk on Cake’ and frequenting highly regarded London venues such as The Marquee and Borderline. With hints of P.J Harvey, Alanis Morissette, Chrissie Hynde, think of ROME as being provocative and challenging!

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