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Where is Nene Valley Rock Festival?

The festival will be held in Horse Meadow, in the Ferry Meadows area within Nene Park, Peterborough, accessed via Ham Lane. The postcode is PE2 5UU. If you wish to use What Three Words, vague.wooden.pints will get you to the entrance to Ferry Meadows (but honestly, our pints will be really nice!!). Once inside the site, talent.fills.robot will get you to the NVRF checkpoint for entry to our campsite and music arena. But it will be signposted long before that!

Directions by road

If you are approaching from the south or the north, use the A1 and take the Alwalton tun-off - it's a little slip road in each direction.

From the south, go past the main A605/A1139 junction and it's about half a mile further. Go past the "Welcome Break" services and it's signposted Showground, Chesterton, Alwalton. Follow the round round and turn left, back over the A1 - this is Oundle Road. From here, go straight on at three roundabouts and then turn left at the fourth into Ham Lane.


From the north, the turn off is a minor slip road signposted Alwalton, Business Park, Showground, Chesterton. Follow this round and turn left at the main road junction onto Oundle Road. From here, go straight on at three roundabouts and then turn left at the fourth into Ham Lane.

From the west you'll most likely end up on the A1 unless you're local and come through Oundle, in which case you'll already be on the Oundle Road so follow the directions below once you go over the A1. From here, go straight on at three roundabouts and then turn left at the fourth into Ham Lane.

From the east take the A47 to junction 15 then turn left, straight on at the first roundabout, over the river and take the next slip road off, then turn right. At the next roundabout turn right into Ham Lane. Alternatively, if you use the A1139, exit at the Orton South Interchange, and take the 4th turning onto Orton Parkway. Go straight on at the first roundabout then right (4th exit) at the next into Oundle Road. Turn left at the second roundabout after that, into Ham Lane.


Once in Ham Lane, You'll see a Beefeater and Garden Centre on your right. Continue over the steam railway line (ignore Satnav now if you've entered the postcode (that takes you to the Trust's offices!). Go past the Caravan Club site (unless you're staying there!) and you'll reach the point where the road has a gate across it. Turn left here into Nene Park/Ferry Meadows and through the barrier. Take the first road off the roundabout.


Once in Nene Park/Ferry Meadows and past the entrance barrier, take the first road off the roundabout and keep going. By now you will see signs. When you reach a right turn you'll either follow the road round for day parking or follow a track off that corner to Horse Meadow, our festival location. There will be people there to guide you. 

Ferry Meadows sitemap.png

Once in Horse Meadow our volunteers will direct you. Bands will turn right, up the track to the backstage area. Motorhomes and caravans will be located in front of the gate and there will be some track there to minimise risk of getting stuck if it rains - we've seen what's happened at other festivals. Other campers will be permitted to continue through this area towards the river and up the side of the Music Arena. However if the weather is bad or likely to become so then we will warn you to remove vehicles from the field and back to the NVRF day car park or Ferry Meadows car parks. You should follow our advice. We do not have tractors to tow you out so staying where you are is at your risk.

Horse Meadow sitemap.png

Once you have parked and set your camp or walked over from the day car park (there is a short-cut opposite the exit) you will find the entrance to the Music Arena on the far side, nearest the river. Here you should exchange your tickets for wristbands. Professional SIA Security will control your entry and everyone will be subject to bag searches etc. This is a requirement so please cooperate. Do not attempt to bring in glass (or other dangerous breakables) or any drinks other than water. There are many drinks available in the Arena and using our bar is essential to helping towards the costs of running this festival. Remember, we are doing this not-for-profit - so money from the bar only helps you have an event to remember!

Music Arena sitemap.png
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